Who Killed My Fuel Economy?!

Miles for your money. Bang for your buck.

Everyone has heard or uttered the murmor of outrageous gas prices. It’s been something that our country has long struggled with. We’re at the mercy of the rise and fall of the price of gasoline, while they nickel and dime us. We’re all desperate to stretch that last gallon the extra mile, to squeeze every red cent out of our dry tanks…

We can’t control how expensive our gasoline is, even if it’s pricier than the gallon of milk we purchase, but we can exert some control over our fuel economy. Simply by changing a few of our habits, you can drastically affect the performance of your vehicle and your gas tank.

#1 Watch Your Tire Pressure
It seems trivial, and certainly hard to remember to upkeep, but the Tire Pressure of your vehicle has in incredible impact on the overall performance of the vehicle, alongside affecting the life and wear-and-tear of the tires, and of course it affects your fuel economy. According to the Department of Transportation, it is estimated that 5,000,000,000 (Million!) gallons of gas are wasted daily as a results of low Tire Pressure. To avoid this and get back some of your wasted gas, take a peek inside your driverside doorjamb and investigate your placard for the specified Tire Pressure recommended for your vehicle. It’s even listed in your owners manual. Then you can bring your vehicle to most shops or gas stations to have your tires filled.

#2 Avoid Idling Your Engine
Sometimes you get stuck in traffic, this is not the kind of idling we’re talking about. If you aren’t moving, why not turn your car off while you wait. Your fuel economy when you idle is EXACTLY ZERO. It’s burning fuel that you could be using when you’re actually travelling.

HELPFUL MYTHBUST – It does not benefit your vehicle to sit and warm up on cold mornings. This actually hurts your fuel economy and increases the daily wear-and-tear on your vehicle. Leaving the car running is shaving time off the life of your vehicle.

#3 Clean Out Your Car
Whether it’s removing half your possessions from your backseat and trunk, or performing a Fuel System Cleaning, it’s important to clean your car out. Removing heavy objects will have a positive effect on gas mileage. Fuel System Cleaning services are well known to remove harmful carbon deposits from your engine and improve fuel economy.

#4 Be Thoughtful of How You Drive
Time is a commodity we don’t normally have. It’s easy to justify why we drive faster than the speed limit and maneuver however we are able to get to our destination quicker… Even at the cost of our gas mileage. Slowing down and adhereing to the speed limit can drastically improve gas mileage and the life of your vehicle. Avoid hard stops and jackrabbit starts at green lights can also affect your fuel economy.

You can’t dictate the price and value of the gasoline you have to use, but you certainly have control when it comes to driving and maintaining your vehicle. Help your pocketbook and your vehicle life, try a few of these tricks and take a bite out of your fuel economy today!


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